How-to Create Your Own Internet site – More Steps


Get a professional artist to create the site for you:

It’s expensive in site preservation, generation process and devel-opment. Follow Us On Twitter is a pictorial online library for more concerning the purpose of it.


Designing the site with free website hosting:

In this case, only register this service that is offered by the website, and start building your personal website.

Free Hosting Sites:


To construct a website, you will find four solutions to choose from:


Get a professional artist to construct your website for you:

It’s costly in site maintenance, design process and devel-opment.


Creating the site with free site hosting:

In this case, only sign in the website that gives this service, and begin to build your personal website.

Free Hosting Sites:

Disadvantages with this approach (Free Web Hosting ):

Little size-Limited website space

Can not produce interactive functions (message boards, on the web ordering, etc.)

Advertisements-May have banners and/or pop adverts on your own homepage

Long and hard to remember web site (in place of

No printed e-mail addresses (

Vulnerable specialized support-Poor help and support options

Might not be free forever

No severity for the site

So it is better to select a cheap Hosting internet sites with reasonable costs, you’ll get an increased credibility and a better quality.


Professional Internet Hosting:

Design your website by a web page designer program (software) and use one of the sites.

Website designer programs:

There’s a lot of computer software available to assist you manage and build your website, you may use more than one of them:

1. Visiting your high throughput screening for drug discovery seemingly provides suggestions you might use with your co-worker. Microsoft FrontPage

2. Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks Facility

3. Adobe GoLive/Adobe ImageStyler

4. Thumb & Swish

FrontPage plan may be the most critical and famous one.

Web sites to learn Front Page:

Websites for Site Name:

Yahoo –

Godaddy –

EV1Servers –

Stargate –

Actnowdomains –

Sites For Internet Hosting:

Aol –

Powweb –

Ev1servers –

Stargate –

UCVHost –

Servermatrix –


Therefore it is not our proposed method, because this method needs to learn a new program with the knowledge of HTML.

FOUTRH METHOD: (proposed method)

Develop your website with SiteBuilder and pick the Hosting package:

This technique may be the simplest and fastest way to create a web site without any previous familiarity with web site building and without any HTML knowledge.

You can begin right now and create your site immediately.

If you can point and click with a mouse, then you can create your own personal web site right-now!

Website Hosting with Site Builder:

Yahoo! SiteBuilder –

The Yahoo! SiteBuilder (as an example) opens with a Welcome Screen that delivers links to integral courses entitled Starting Out with Yahoo! SiteBuilder

The Starting Out Tutorial addresses matters like:

How to Start a New Page

How to Incorporate Text

How you can produce tables

How to Position Photographs

How to add links

How to use templates

How to publish and upload web pages

and a whole lot more!

More Site Builders:


Site Build It –

EasyHost –

Fasthosts -

Interland –

BlueVoda –

SiteRightNow –

ipowerweb –